Tuesday, January 11, 2011

4th stop - Zhou Zhuang

Zhou Zhuang is a little over one hour drive from Su Zhou. A small water town like many others in the region. Water ways were main merchandise transporting route for centuries in the region. Silk, rice, china ware and tea had been shipped via canals out to sea for exports. Small towns like Zhou Zhuang was one of the dozen major economy hubs. During Ming dynasty, the wealthiest man of the country resided in Zhou Zhuang, he paid to build 1/3 of the Nan Jing city wall, hence invoked jealousy of the emperor then confiscated his wealth and exiled his family to Yunnan. The town is a major tourist spot which comes with the unnecessarily chaos. The town itself is rich in traditional feel, time has put its stamp on this earth spot. I love it only if it wasn't as touristy. High traffic season is even more intolerable.


Dawn said...

Simply beautiful. Love the pictures and your blog.

Imen said...

Thank you Dawn! There are more to come. :)