Saturday, February 11, 2012

Teas I am drinking today

Having a cup of 2009 Gui Hua Xiang- osmanthus flower fragrance Dan Cong Oolong next to my valentine's gift from a friend, a white with slight pink trim dandrobium orchid. White orchids have the most clean, pure and magnetic fragrance compare to the same specie of a different color. I also find that is true for other flowers as well. Pure white rose smells more pure while a red rose has a sweeter and stronger aroma.

Being busy with cupping 2011 teas repeatedly, I forget some of the older teas although I know they can't be bad after a couple of years. The rich honey characteristic must be easy to detect compare to new crops. Bo Jai Ye is also very nice now, deep and rich.


Letizia said...

I also love osmanthus tea. Its fragrance is fantastic....

Imen said...


I received a gift of Osmanthus Essential oil from a dear friend. It smells as you said, fantastic~ :)