Thursday, September 27, 2012

Chao Zhou Stove Sets

Chao Zhou Stove Set - large red clay

Chao Zhou Stove Set - small beige clay

 Do not come with bottom plate~


Eric G. said...

I have a 300ml sha diao from when i last was in Chaozhou (2009), but the stove is now "broken." Woops! Will either of these also work with the 300ml sha diao as well? Or are they too wide? I would like the tall one, beautiful, but the "portable" or "travel" one would be more useful... hmm. Would love both, but i'm trying to cut down on my tea and teaware spending.

PS: i only have about 1 pound of olive pit charcoal left, possible to get more? Or do you think i should wait until i go back? 70% chance i'll be there next spring, maybe 60%.
-Eric G.

Imen said...


The large stove works with the 300 ml sha diao. The tall one is designed for faster burning of charcoal hence heats up faster.

You don't need to use all olive pit charcoal for burning. You can use hardwood charcoal and throw in a few pieces olive pit for the aroma.

We are not able to ship any charcoals overseas, olive pit charcoal is a legend story here... :P

Eric G. said...

So, is it against the law to ship olive pit charcoal over here? I brought it over in my suitcase in 2009... was that technically breaking the law? If not, whenever i return to Chaozhou, would i be able to carry back with me? Or will it get taken in cuatoms if they find it or what? Do you know why it can't be shipped overseas?