Tuesday, March 05, 2013

2009 Au Fu Hou

Drinking an Au Fu Hou the other day, after a few years, all of its strength has surfaced. My one and most important definition of good tea is it makes you feel good regardless of flavor and price.  Old bush dan congs share one characteristic, it's soothing to the body, soft and relaxing as taking a spa treatment amongst blooming orchids. 

Like wine, each yield and crop has its own stamps of characteristics, richness, depth, substance are the fundamental essence of quality measured by aroma and flavor.  For Dan Cong Oolong tea, my personal favorite years are 09 and 07.  They are richer and deeper period! 


Lew Perin said...

Isn't that Ao Fu Hou?

Imen said...

Lew: it is a dialect pronunciation.