Friday, September 23, 2016

Ask me a tea question

I have not written any thing tea related for years for various reasons.

1, My learning of tea had reached a bottle neck.  There isn't an end to learn about tea, but at one point or many points in our lives, one needs to take a break or slow down before going forward again.

2, There is a saying one can only succeed with passion in what he/she does, in my case, selling tea.  But running a business is a whole different dimension in knowledge, skill, time management, and organization, when one man wears multiple hats in an operation, the passion has to take a set back in order to make room for other departments of the business.

3, Tea is a vehicle, it has always been in the history, it is not the final destination, and it shouldn't be.  Tea has taken me far and beyond in understanding nature, being with nature, and reflect within through nature.  Nature is the way of Dao!  It's how things should unfold or has always been on the universal track.  With this understanding, one can accept matters and happenings with ease, also able to prevent the bad, stay on track, avoid harms way to achieve great results as we hope.  I realize that traveling beyond the tea path ultimately takes me back to where tea is and see it with greater understanding.  It is no longer picking out the tasting notes, what parameters to brew a cup of tea, etc.  Even the names or region of a tea is no longer important, when you treat it as a plant, all characteristics of any plant on earth carries similar fundamental nature and energy, also changes according to seasons and environment changes. 

4, My father's passing has created a tremendous emotional blockage psychologically, there will be years or never before I can recover, but I am trying, the act of trying perhaps is my cure along time.  

After a long multiple years of break, I feel obligated to write again, it's my way to journal my own psychological progress.  But I do not know where to begin, what topic to write about.  Ask me something, I'll select a topic from the questions to blog about. 


Anonymous said...

Im sorry that your dad passed away, I wish you can meet him again inside a cup of lovely tea.

Truth and Go said...

I`m very sorry for what the loss of your dad did to you. i have a little daughter, i often thing about the far future of our family.
For the questions i would be interested in:
1. how you would define Cha Qi ... or how is it or is it not, important aspect for you when drinking tea?
2. What kind of tea are you drinking in important moments of your life? Are you deciding what you drink in relation to your mood? (i do...)
3. can you explain Oxidation ... and Fermentation ... when and how it works in puerh tea ...
4. a very simple-minded sounding question: why do you like to drink tea? ( i think it is still interesting to think about this very obvious question)
5. did you ever thought that "tea" and the the tea practice teaches people something wich goes far beyond tea? What?

I hope maybe some of this questions are motivating you to write a new post ;)

Imen said...

Thanks DaLai Tea!

Unknown said...

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