Monday, November 20, 2006

Ching export blue white tea cup

Cute little hand painted cup made for china export to the European market, probably in the Ching dynasty. The handle is molded into bamboo shape. The shape of the cup is in between a traditional Chinese tea up and an espresso cup. Both the clay and glaze have a slight grayish tone, it's a common clay used during Ming and Ching dynasty. China ware made for foreign markets were poorly made, in terms of designs, craftsmanship, and clay quality. This is a very typical cup has all of those characteristics.

My friend who is an antique collector for about 10 years told me it's difficult to find quality authentic antique in mainland China. His collection consist a bronze sword from the chun chiu shi qi, 770 to 476 B.C., the Spring and Autumn Period.

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