Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My first canvas painting

Since I can't afford paintings that are tens thousands dollars, and I want to have a large wall size painting, I decided to learn. After spending an hour wandering in an art supply store, taking a "free" lesson from the sales lady, I came home with everything I need as a beginner.

With my fascination of Chinese ink painting, but not having the skills to paint in ink on paper or silk, I feel I should translate the ink painting into an Acrylic painting on a canvas. It came out better than I'd hoped for in terms of colors, but my brushes are too cheap to strike clean strokes. Alright, I'll start on the second one, should improve in some way.

I am practicing on a 9x12 canvas before I even attempt anything bigger. The wall size painting I have in mind might have to be separated into 3 or even 4 7'x5' canvas. I hope my interest will last long enough to finish the project. :P

Blooming prune tree across the wall should go well with the Ching Wedding bed, to create that romantic and classic Chinese ambiance for tea drinking, total escape from the modern day life.

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