Sunday, December 10, 2006


I am sooo tea drunk right now. My head is light, my knees are weak, my heart beats fast (I took a HOT bath too). So I took a walk along the canal of Naples Island in the middle of the night. A storm came on shore couple of hours ago, cleaned the forever smoggy air here. The street is clean, air is fresh, the moist air is nourishing, wind is still blowing, all of which made my midnight leisure stroll so much more enjoyable.

Naples Island is a neat little area where water canal runs through the island along houses. Kinda like a mini Venice but much better. You can even take a gondola ride with a bottle of wine and serenated by your boat captain. Half of the houses are decorated with elaborate Xmas lights at this time of the year. It's such a beautiful night to walk around here, beautiful architectures, landscaping, boats on the water, reflection of the moon and clouds on the water, quite and occasional laughter from distant houses across the water way. I smell alcohol walking by a house full of partying crowd.

Here are a few tea I had through out the day.

Mixture of loose golden tip pu-erh, Lung Jing and osmanthus flowers. I did not like the pu-erh by itself, so I re-roasted it with some of the "old" LJ, the result was I over roasted them, then I add osmanthus flowers to mask the heavy roasty taste. Mouth feel is very smooth and eventually became sweet after the 5th brew.

Zhuang Minority Girl Pu-erh, golden bud tribute cake. Young tender leaves, I couldn't stomach the cha qi of this raw cake.

King tea biscuit from ancient tea tree from Qing dynasty, Lung Yuan Hao. An other raw very green strong cha qi pu-erh.

I also had some Orchid Dan Cong. This tea is the most difficult to brew consistently. The orchid aroma shifts from brew to brew, cup to pot, various temperature. I was captivated by the first impression of the fragrance, so I kept trying it for the last few days.

I over did tea today, and everyday in the past week. Any one know how to get rid of tea drunk?


Anonymous said...

For me I would brew some black Pu-erh tea, it helps to calm and settle me down. Otherwise I would consume a hot meal.

Varat Phong
Puerh Cha

Imen said...

Thank you Varat! I did have craving for food at the time, particularly sweets.

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