Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tien Chi flower tea


Steeping in water

I hope everyone had a wonderful Chrismas holiday! Mine was relatively easy, 2 parties with deliveries and a case of wine, many guests brought wine, so we drank almost 2 cases. Tea was not on the menu though. Both Chrismas eve and day, I didn't get out of my parent's house a bit. It was laid back and family alone time!

My girlfriend's mom came back from Hong Kong a week ago, she brought back these Tien Chi dried flowers for me. They look like little broccoli flowers. I steeped 10 flowers in a gaiwan filled with hot boiling water for 2 minutes. Tea tastes like American Ginseng, sweet, hint of bitterness leaving a cool feeling in back of tongue. Very soothing in mouth and in stomach. This will be my new comfort tea, replacing Kuding tea, because it's less harsh in taste.

Tien Chi - Araliaceae ginseng plants 田七, an herbal medicine grown only in Yunnan and Guang Xi province China. Raw Tien Chi can help stop excessive bleeding, disperse bruise. Cooked Tien Chi prevents blood clog, coronary disease; enhance blood circulation.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures - absolutely brilliant. Have you found a place where Tien Chi is available in the US? I'll have to hunt for it in Chicago's Chinatown.

Imen said...


I found out YHF carries these flowers here in LA. $18 per lb.

Yeah, I'd think some herbal or Chinese grocery stores in China town might carry it in Chicago. You might have to look through the nooks and crannies. Tien Chi is known as a black brain looking root to most in medicine. The flower is a relatively new thing.

Unknown said...

That is a description of the effects of tienchi root, the flowers are more for headaches and skin problems