Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Energy comes from many sources, the tangibles and the intangible sources.

Food, a tangible source of energy. Tea is also a tangible source.

Intangible sources sometimes provide a great deal of energy, more than we realize, yet we live in this pool of energy daily. A simple encouragement can lead to the beginning of great accomplishment, or destruction. A few tender words has the ability to create the most beautiful castle, or destroy a nation more than once. A smile of a lover can get you through a tough day. A giggle from a baby melts the toughest man's heart.

We shall gather as much positive energy as we can, soak your mind and soul with all that you can. It's no less important than food, water and air. The key is identifying the positive energy. I find tea to be my tangible source of positive energy. It could be coffee to an other person. I find my nieces and nephew are source of positive energy. Kids could be a burden to others. I find family to be a source of positive energy although there are ups and downs in life. Others can't wait to leave the nest.

Recently books I have been reading are Chinese medicine related. It used to intimidate me, fearful of the depth and broad horizon it entails. Chinese medicine is 4 dimensional, covering the tangibles and the intangibles, the physical and the spiritual, organs, limps, mind and philosophy. Symptoms are sickness in eyes of western medicine. Symptoms are ways our body communicates with our mind in Chinese medicine, a warning from mild to irreversible if ignored. We ignore or mistreat them because we do not understand. A liver's way of communication is blurry eyes, hot temper, or aching gums and others. If ignored, it can be fatal. If we can identify the signals, we can treat those symptoms. However what causes live to behave this way? That's the root of the health issue. A 70 years old man has all the above symptoms plus much more. The cause of this, his wife had a major illness 6 years ago, fear of his 40+ years companion will leave him soon caused his psychological depression, in turn caused obstruction of energy flow, led to his liver function digressed for years. It's not a Hollywood romantic story. It's a couple of old Chinese man and woman's everyday life, providing vital energy for one and other.


Kai Cole said...

I am very interested in the spiritual and healing dimensions on tea. And I was wondering if you could suggest some of the books that you've read on the subject or any other readings on the subject. Great post!

Imen said...

Hi Kai Cole,

I am currently reading Chinese Medicine related books in Chinese. I can recommend a few books. Let me know if you can read Chinese as well.

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