Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Water containers

Today is play day! I bought this large (sorta giant) Zisha clay container a long while back, intended to store water. It's a commercial size tea canister as its original usage. Zisha - purple clay can do numbers to tea, be it dried leaves, water or tea.

I had a smaller size container and my friend took it. It was for both presentation and water refinement purpose. The size was perfect for home/personal use, contains 1.5 gallon of water. However it was sold out, so I had to think BIG. Container in the picture holds up to 5 gallons of water, big enough to have a tea party for five. It's been sitting in the store for almost a year, not sure when I'll use it with this much capacity. Today is the first time it ever made it out of the box. I might use it this Sunday if any of you LATA people wants to come by. I just have to remember to look for the bamboo scoop some where in the garage. Love tea toys!
I am using this small Yixing jar for personal use. A bit small for my daily consumption of about 1 gallon of tea (during work hours only). It holds about 0.75 gallon of water. So I'll have most of my tea in better water.

See the size difference! :D

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