Saturday, September 12, 2009

Proof or no?

This debate of Dan Cong's meaning had been meaningful up to now. It's no longer a debate because a debate involves reasoning and evidence from both parties. I don't see any evidence or proof, except the reason of I sold tea for 20 years and I have seen non Dan Cong teas made for 20 years. Resources of Chinese tea producers are not even from the Chao Zhou Phoenix Mountain. I feel my continuous effort is like playing music to a buffalo. Some what silly!

I have respect for someone in the tea business for so long, it's tough and require love of tea, but if that is the sole reason which makes one believable in EVERYTHING they interpret is CORRECT, again I suggest getting the facts together before accusing others for spreading misinformation while they are the source of misinformation banking on the fact that 20 yrs in the industry automatically makes them believable and INCORRECTLY right but also believable.

People will believe what they already believe and whom they choose to believe regardless of the truth which is well documented for many years. They are not truth claimed by me. My function is to present these evidence, but take it or not, it's no longer part of my job.

I now know how crucial it is to have translated Chinese tea books, more than I realize previously. Please be patient for the English version of Feng Huang Dan Cong to come out. It will give you the information you need: history, today's practice, cultivation - single or not, processing, tasting method, identifying less than perfect teas and more. It's a very comprehensive book with detailed explanation and pictures.

Peace all!

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Anonymous said...

Imen, I'm with you on this one. I know how important language can be. I taught myself Greek in order to read the Bible in its original language. And I know the tons of misinformation out there promoted by popular people who just don't care about the meaning first intended by the speakers and writers. It happens all the time. But knowing the truth is always important. --Teaternity