Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blue & White porcelain

Ming Tao Fang Qing Hua (Blue & White porcelain)

Tea culture has become mainstream again in China, tea ware play an important role in the renaissance. China wares representing all dynasties can now be found in tea shops.
Blue and White porcelain is one of the main styles in tea ware and decoration pieces. Demand creates supply, on top of good clay, firing technique, blue color formula, painting on porcelain is the far most visible demand that separates daily ware and art collectibles.
The far most expensive modern day BW tea ware is by Gui He Xiang, a tea cup can easily cost $300, USD that is! This years BW price compare to last year is another leap and bound. Inflation is the problem. None of these in pictures are Gui He Xiang, I'd rather buy antiques with that kinda investment.

I like Ming Tao Fang, for one, the price is right relatively speaking. Clay is pure, glaze is even, painting technique isn't the best, but not bad for the time and effort that goes in it, especially for the price. The composition of painting is clean but not simple. They are made for tea in function, not made because of tea. Small details in the finishing improves the ease of tea brewing, simple as lifting the lid, not easy to tip, less burning, all of which tell me the maker know what it takes to make tea at ease. Ming Tao Fang porcelain is at the artistic level of daily teaware, not collectible that you only put away behind those glass doors of your China cabinet. I'd feel bad if I break a cup, but not heartbroken. This is how I like my teawares.

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