Sunday, December 19, 2010

First stop -- Shen Zhen

My flight landed in Hongkong and then I across the border to Shen Zhen to meet up with friends. Although I went in and out of Hongkong 4 times, but not a whole day I spent in Hongkong.

The first official stop should be Shen Zhen. We had the privilege to visit the private section of the East Lake Garden Park. The designer/builder/keeper of the garden is a famous landscape designer from Su Zhou, he was commissioned to build a new Southern Chinese style garden park in Shen Zhen before 1997. Within the park, he built a private garden as his residence. In this section, a large size lake with various pagodas, pavilions, bridges, more than 1000 pieces of hundreds years old Pen Zai (Bonzai), ducks, fishes, a hidden world within. We had dinner and tea sessions at the pavilion above water as moon light shimmers beside us. Beautiful and serene!

We also had the honor to visit the private art collection, paintings, furnitures, etc. A particular piece caught my eyes is a large flat cut tree trunk fossil tea table, with diameter about 3 to 4 ft long. I was flabbergasted!!! Out of respect, I didn't take any pictures of the private collection. Here is a small piece of wood fossil to show you what the material looks like.

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