Friday, October 28, 2016

2016 Single Old Tree Phoenix Dan Cong oolong sample kits

Single Tree Dan Cong Sampler (6) - 2016 All 

Single Tree Dan Cong Sampler (5) - 2015 All 1501

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2015 was a great year for Phoenix oolong, the best year since 2010 (the frosty year that wiped out almost the entire crop on the higher elevation).  The last best harvest year was 2009!  That's also the year we had MANY trees in varieties, some are still very memorable by myself and many of our patrons.  Even today they still bring names of the tea only offered in that year!  I remember a lady cried in tears drinking the Li Jai Ping.

2016 we have some great selections in offer, quality vise some are better than 2015 and a couple may take some time to refine itself, time is the magic cure even for some phoenix dan cong oolongs.

Some of the notable ones are Song Zhong(sold out the first batch), Yin Hua, Gui Hua, Dao Hua, Tong Tian, Xiong Di, imo better than previous years.

I personally love Dao Hua, both 15 and 16 crops, the 16 is more fresh floral, the 15 is more chicken stock.  Xiong Di is masculine!  I love the sandalwood undertone flavor, it's so rich and lingering!   Gui Hua is complex and multi faceted, a new characteristic can surface in each steeping, quite fascinating with rich ripen fruit honey jam.  Yin Hua is a new tree we have this year, fresh floral in a rainy spring day, just lovely!


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