Friday, October 28, 2016

Up coming events in November 2016

10 Precious greens teas from China, hand selected micro batches (less than 5 lbs each) made by hands of the most discriminating tea makers.  Teas of this quality are rarely seen in the market.  We are fortunate to obtain small quantities for a taste!  We go beyond the miles to find the creme de la creme teas, good is just not good enough in our dictionary of tea!

11/19/16 Saturday afternoon Santa Monica Library Tea Talk - Free

We are honored to be invited by Ashley K, manager of Santa Monica Public Library Ocean Park branch to talk about tea on Saturday 11/19/16 afternoon.  We will post the agenda of the talk soon.  We like to introduce tea in general to the audience, the romance and philosophy of tea drinking.  The event is free the the public, come join us!

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essay best said...

Sadly I have said good bye to tea since summer season is approaching and I am not a tea guy when it is summer. But please do share how it tasted