Monday, January 07, 2008

Drinking with Camellia

I can finally sit down and drink some tea quietly after the holiday chaos. Camellia blooming season is here, it's as close to drinking next to a tea tree as possible here in the US. :)

Tiny hong ni shui ping pot (30-40 ml) makes one perfect cup of tea. When drinking alone, I like using a small pot, so I get to finish every infusion before turning cold . Ah, if I didn't have to run a shop, this would be a pretty darn good and easy life.

I am working on the long over due "Get to know Dan Cong 3", should have it ready in a day or so.


tieguanyin said...

Hello Imen,

Is there a particular significance with having a water buffalo figurine on the tea tray? I have seen other pictures with such figurines.

Have a great tea day,


Imen said...

Hi Alex,

Tea pets are just for decoration. The types of pet are metaphor for various well wishes I think. The usuals are prosperity, good luck, happiness, longevity, etc..

Have a wonderful day with a cup of tea! :)