Monday, January 14, 2008

Physical & spiritual

US is a society of speed, fast cars, fast high ways, fast Internet, fast service from food to drive through wedding, how can tea be omitted from the fast lane?! No one has the patience to sit down and wait a couple minutes for tea to brew, hot tea does not cool fast enough for instant drinking so the invention of iced tea. My customers ask me for ice cubes. Machines are made to brew hot and iced teas with preset time and temperature.

#4 in the world, US consumption of tea is more than I thought it would be. One must think there is a tea culture here. Well, if there was one, it must be tea bag and iced tea culture. It's the physical presence of tea without the spirit.

I am stressed out just thinking of waiting in line for a cup of hot tea at Starbucks.

My mind is bubbling with thoughts today.... and still bubbling

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