Wednesday, March 12, 2008

18 levels of tea drinkers

Found this article somewhat interesting. A couple of them don't make much sense even before translating due to lack of explanation. I am sure one can be at more than one place in your tea life. High lighted ones are where I feel I belong to currently.

1. no tea, do not drink tea

2. do not like tea, can drink tea but do not like tea, usually are soft drink drinkers.

3. too lazy to drink tea, can drink tea, does not detest the flavor, but to lazy to make a cup of tea

4. lonely drinker, likes tea but too cheap to share tea with others.

5. business tea, loves tea and know what's good tea, but only share when there is something to gain.

6. beautiful tea, drink tea for reason of pretty girls whom performs the art of tea

7. wake up tea, drink tea for caffeine effect.

8. meal tea, drink tea to aid digestion after meals.

9. learn tea, always a student when it comes to tea, learn not only tea, but the spirituality that tea brings, some what Zen.

10. love tea, tea nerds, enjoy the fun of smelling aroma, observing tea color, tasting flavor, where it's from, what year is it, the physical being of tea.

11. addicted tea, only the flavor is important, what where and how are not their concern.

12. indulge tea, ones who would travel far to meet the tea.

13. Crazy tea, focus on Cha Tao intensely, narrow tracked mind.

14. above and beyond tea, mind without skill or skill without mind is just tea, without mind and skill is true tea.

15. treasure tea, treasure life and friendship. In life, you gain some and loose some, treasure friendship and treasure the moment, treasure tea that brings friendship, treasure the moments together.

16. happy tea, having tea is good, not having tea is also fine, love tea, but not controlled by tea.

17. watch tea, be happy just watching tea.

18. abandon tea, transcend to an other realm from tea.


Wes Crosswhite said...

Defnitely a 6. Maybe some 14. :)

Imen said...


6 would be over the top for me, not to mention weird.. :P

Unknown said...

I believe that tea has a lot of health effect to our body.