Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Do you ever wonder why bubbles form when you make tea?

Tea is alkaline based, think of it as mild soap. Back in the day, tea was used to clean greasy pots before dish detergent was introduced in China. Bar soap, liquid soap ladder up bubbles in water because they are alkaline based. The bubbles are not an issue when making tea. Bubbles form not just in the first brew, they appear in every brew, but less in later brews as less alkalinity as it gets. We usually scrape the bubbles off, especially the first brew not because of the bubbles, it's the dust and other undesirable small particles cling on to the bubbles that we want to scrape off.

Give your intestines a bubble bath(s) every day! Grease free, toxin free, easy breeze beauteaful!

I am digging this catch phrase.. :D

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