Thursday, March 20, 2008

How organic is organic?

One of the best things of owning a tea shop is you get to meet all kinds people, each but not every one is an inspiration in some way. Today I met one whom brought up the organic subject which you may not see it through his scope, nevertheless it's alarming and true to the core.

The old saying you can run but you can't hide is very much true when it comes to organic agriculture. The concept of organic is that no intended fertilizer and pesticide are used on the soil which a plant is growing in. Sounds simple enough right? But what about air pollution, rain that's polluted, the soil near by which is polluted, and the polluted water source which forms rain as the water vaporize, in turn we human and animals inhale, plants absorb.

How many people know that prescription drugs or even over the counter drugs are toxins? Toxins that relieve symptoms, prolong lives, and cause MANY more problems. One of the problems most of us don't think of is when toxins were eliminated from a person, where did they go? It went though the sewage, got treated with more chemicals which are also toxins, then went into the ocean and soil. Then as the water evaporates, we suck it in through our lungs, plants suck it in through roots, then we eat them. This cycle goes on and on. Yes, even if you don't have heart disease, you are realistically inhaling small trace of drugs for heart disease consistently, also combined with a million other drugs.

There are times I thought I could live in a remote mountain with good tea like Phoenix mountain, eat local grown veggies, local free range chickens and drink old bush Dan Congs, life would be PERFECT! I might live till 120 even though I don't want to live that long. But can one really hide from all the prescription drug highly concentrated pee evaporated water fed food and tea?!

Please do share your thoughts on this.


Allan C Gaskin A said...

Yes you can! If you come and live in Maracay xD
Maracay is a city builded in a deep valley and you see mountains everywhere. The air is really pure, of course there is also some pulition but you can choose a zone where you dont have to smell the smoke of cars. The only problem... the tea hehehe I guess youll have to buy everything in Amazon ^^

Brianne said...

Great post! I myself thought I understood organic, until I saw it in action. Currently I'm at the Tetulia Tea garden in Bangladesh. I've been able to first hand witness a true organic farm. Their most prized possession is their cows - which are raised organically, therefore producing organic manure used for fertilizer for the tea, and also for the corn / wheat to feed the cows. What a lovely circle the just so happens to make some great organic tea! I'm blogging on my experiences if you care to have a look...