Friday, June 12, 2009

4 seasons and tea

Most of us are aware of the characteristics of 4 seasons, the changes that impact how we live, how we dress, how the surroundings changes along, trees, water flow, animal behaviors, etc..

We tea drinkers also have seasonal craving of teas, when do we drink green, black, oolong or aged teas. We mostly associate it with mood. Sure, stress, happenings, people around us all contribute to mood swings. However our body supersedes our mind, the weather or should I say nature supersedes human and human behavior. Human today believe our mind can conquer all, hence under estimate the wisdom of our body. If so true, why can't we become immortal as many has tried? Our brain can not even control disease let alone death, although we have control over not to get sick. We have control to comply with nature's changes, hence less prone to sickness.

According to Huang Di Nei Jing - Emperor's Inner Cannon, an ancient Chinese Medicine text written thousands years ago, each season dictates how living things behaves.

Spring - is the time to sprout.
Summer - is the time to grow.
Fall - is the time to harvest.
Winter - is the time to put away and store.

I just realize this is a very broad and deep subject. I will divide the article into 5 pieces. Each season will be talked about in details separately.


thewulongkid said...

This all looks like it's going to be very interesting. I can't wait for the first installment

Unknown said...


A few weekends back you graciously hosted some friends and I for a tea tasting on a late Saturday afternoon. I just wanted to drop in an express my gratitude to you, as well as my regret that I couldn't have visited longer. After reading your blog though the years, it was exciting to finally walk in to your store.

My sincere thanks for the tea and education.

Tucson, AZ

Imen said...

Hi Andrew,

It was very nice meeting you and your friends. I am thrilled to have you here from afar! :)