Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Orchid in tea

Flower in mirror, moon in water. Jing4 zhong1 Hua1, Shui3 zhong1 yue4. This analogy is to describe beauty in illusion. I am able to capture orchid in tea. Half reality, half illusion.

Picture is taken this afternoon during tea sampling. I have a bunch of commercial DCs to sample, so to decide what to stock for the year. As the sun turned, my orchid plant landed in my tea, mystical in the mist of tea. How Divine!


thewulongkid said...

What a wonderful phrase "mystical in the mist of tea". It gives me an idea for a series of photographs
about tea (I am a designer and engraver and photographer) that I have been meaning to do for a long while. Something with tea and teapots and teastoves and, yes, copper chopsticks to play with the charcoal. I just had to get these! I go nuts with all the paraphernalia.

This is such a great photo. I look at it, and I drift into the mist.

Imen said...

Wu Long Kid,

Please share them with me! I love beautiful pictures although I know nothing about it other than point and shoot. :)