Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday afternoon tea

I had some tea today with a friend who came back from a trip. We were just catching up and snacking away. We start carrying various California grown dried fruits last week. They are wonderful tea snacks without guilt. :D Dried persimmons and cheeries are out of this world. Cheeries were harvested and dried last week. Fresh!
Dug out some dishes from home. My most favorite China styles are Qing Hua (blue and white), Celadon.

If you look close, center of the dish has wave patterns.


thewulongkid said...

I like to have my tea straight, by itself, with no snacks.
I do not drink it with a meal, except when I go to a Chinese restaurant. Then I drink a bit of the insipid liquid they serve, but mostly wash down the meal with water;

But I truly like dried fruits and nuts, and I like tea, so maybe I'll try it. Couldn't hurt.

Always like the photos of the teaware. I bought a Chao Zhou stove and 3 Chao ZHou pots recently. Now I'm looking for a piece of furniture to display all the teaware my wife and I have, along with our tea collection.

It never ends.

Imen said...

Most of the time, I don't combine food with tea either. I snack when I had LOTs tea (tea tastings downing anywhere 5 to 12 teas and my stomach craves for sweets.

You are right, tea takes far and beyond, in physical/material beings and spiritual beings. :)