Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fate of green and black tea

Just want to translate this story speechlessly.

A girl likes black tea, the strong flavor she likes. A boy likes green tea, refreshing the way he likes it. She dislike green tea, too mellow is the reason. He dislike black tea, too heavy is why. They met at a convenient store one day. She grabbed her bottle of black tea without a thought. He took a bottle of green tea next to a black tea without batting an eye. Everyday from then on, she takes her black tea, he grabs his green tea at the same time. They became friends, then good friends, eventually they became lovers. She discovered the refreshing flavor of green. She thinks of him when she drinks green tea. She begin to like green tea. He discovered the smoothness of black tea. He feels her presence as he sips black tea. He begin to like black tea. Smiles are bright and life is sweet for the two.

Not many days later, his ex-girlfriend resurfaced in his life after a bad break up. He no longer smiles. She felt his sorrow and silence. Her tears, his absence, they drifted apart. A letter came from her one day with a short message, soaked with sadness.

We are not meant to be together. Just like green tea and black tea are not meant to be mixed. You have your own sweet aroma, I have my strong flavor. If forced to be mixed, I am no longer a black tea, you are no longer a green tea which is what I like. Not the tea you are today. Happiness does not belong to this mix. Do not look for me as I leave the city. Do not wait for me. Find your green tea and treasure her. He tears on to the letter in his trembling hands.

Many years later, he's still on his own with a successful career. Her presence never left him every time he smells the black tea aroma. He did not look for her, she stood next to his heart. What a frightful thought if they will never cross path again. He fears.

A business trip takes him to another city, he walks into a convenient store, reaches for a bottle of black tea. Upon turning around, she stands in front of him. A long silence later, she smiles at him bright as sun ray, as nothing has ever changed. In her hand is a bottle of green tea.


ivana m. said...

Do you know if it's ok to mix black tea with green tea? I experimented this morning and the flavour seems a bit too strong.

Imen said...

It's not a common practice, but I have seen blenders do it.

If too strong, you should decrease the amount of leaves. The strength has little to do with the mixture, but the flavor does.